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From: J G
Subject: Forced to PerformThe MAN enters the room. I russian preteen pedo watch as he strips down, exposing his lean,
hard body.You approach me and untie my arms from my legs only to pull me to my knees,
you regrab my wrists and extend my arms above my head, inserting the rope
into a ring attached to the ceiling, I am stretched, but remain on my
knees, the tattered remnants of my briefs clinging to my body.. you ripped
the remains off, leaving me totally exposed. You bring your friend over to stand in front of me, his cock only inches
from my face. You take the free end of the rope and attach his wrists to
it and pull up until his arms are extended taut above his head.We are now connected, if he pulls his arms , i am stretched.. if I pull my
arms, he is stretched. Next , you grab my cock and balls , tie a rope
around them with several feet left over on each side. You take one end and
attach it to the right ankle of the naked man tied before me.. you take the
other end and attached it to his other ankle.IF he moves his feet, he pulls on my cock and balls. We must remain as
motionless as possible to not cause discomfort to each other. I see you go
over to your wall of implements and remove a paddle from the wall.. AS you
walk back toward us, I mentally am preparing myself to receive yet top preteen link
round of butt blistering swats.But you stop and you move your friend within inches of my face. You order
me to open my mouth place the head of his cock only in my mouth.
Next, to my surprise, you pick up the paddle and I can see you swing it
back and then forward to make contact with his firm ass cheeks. The force
of the swat thrusts him forward, ramming his cock down my throat.He retreats back after yelling out 1 SIR. his cock head again is the only
part in my mouth. HE receives yet another swat and again is thrusted
forward to ram his cock down my throat. He retreats and yell outs 2 SIR.WE both recognize a pattern now as you speak to us both. he is to be
swatted until Ii suck him dry. As the assault continues, I suck as best as
I can in my position. He starts to move legs, pulling on my cock and
balls, tied to his ankles to help me recognize the need to work harder at
bringing him to a climax. The sooner he cums , the swats stop bombarding
on his naked ass, the sooner my own cock and preteen models oriental balls are free of their
torture.My mind couldn't even keep track of how many swats he was receiving, I had
my own job to fulfill to stop the agony to both of us. Finally, I could
feel his cock pulsate and enlarge a bit in my throat, feeling he was close
to cumming. I sucked harder, although my preteen models preview
jaws ached. I knew I must make
him shoot his load.. He thrusts harder and deeper into me, trying to
release, and then it happened, he screamed and shook about, stretching me
up and my cock and balls out, as he began to shoot load after load of hot
creamy cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up with the flow of cum, some
dribbling down the corners of my mouth.Spent, he sagged a bit, his legs stopping there movement, and rested his
cock ahead only again in my mouth. The paddling ceased upon the climax.You walk over and caress him preteen models preview for a moment and then begin to untie the ropes
from his ankles . My cock and balls feel the release porno babies preteens
as well. You untie
his arms from up above, but I feel no release as you tie off the rope to
keep me stretched upward. I just remain kneeling , tired and achy, waiting
, waiting, waiting to be released.You state how pleased you are with both post teen preteen of us, how this is one of the
hottest scenes you have had in sometime. Your own cock juts out , hard and
dripping from what you have experienced and step up in front of my face,
jacking your cock in front of my face and cream all it with load after load
your own cum. You present your hand to my lips to clean off the remnants of
your cum and kiss your hand to show my place at your feet.My arms are finally let down and my feet set free as I collapse onto your
legs for support. You bend over and take my face in preteen puffy nipples your hands and kiss me
hard and deep, before pushing me aside to collapse on the floor. In the
background, the sound of the doorbell rings again.....This is my first attempt at this...hope you enjoyed....
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